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i was just going to draw Wy, but then Sealand came into mind


Title:Taking Flight
Main Pairing: Hong Kong x Taiwan
Summary: A flight attendant catches Leon Wang’s eye.
A/N: for the lovely miss . I’m not really familiar with this pairing soo… I tried.
✿ human names used:
Hong Kong- Jia-Long “Leon” Wang, 21 years old
Taiwan- Xiao-Mei “Mei” Lin, 21 years old
Leon never really took notice of flight attendants.

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Complications (35308 words) by RunawayWithMeTonight [AO3]

Chapters: 12/12
Fandom: Hetalia: Axis Powers
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Warnings: Author Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings
Relationships: Female Prussia (Hetalia)/Male Hungary (Hetalia) (Mod Note: Please click the link to the story for the full list of characters)
Additional Tags: Alternative Universe - Human, Pregnancy

Human AU. Maria (fem!Prussia) is a single, pregnant woman not looking for love when she bumps into an old highschool friend Eli (male!Hungary). The two rekindle their friendship and a romance blossoms. But when it comes to these things there are always going to be complications. Deanon from kink meme.


Hong Kong is a security officer who checks carry on bags at the airport while Taiwan is a flight attendant who works with Seychelles they both work for the chrysanthemum gang and smuggle drugs in and out of the country 



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Art © Me
Poland/Hungary © Himaruya 
All drawings by: 
meko / mekodaba

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Lovina, it’s true love! ;w;


this colouring style takes so fucking long i swear to god

i’m just gonna copypasta the comment on the wip okay

gilbert pays her in coupons to francis’ restaurant in exchange for taking his place in ludwig’s morning jogs

and buff boyfran, well, he’s simply happy her girlfriend finally shows some interest in exercising

(that little guy - pompei - is surprisingly not ludwig’s dog btw, his momma is felicia)

i can’t draw jogging people, nor running dogs and i clearly shouldn’t try yet here i am